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April First #mystoryourcentre #cancersupport

#mystoryourcentre #cancersupport

We had been sitting vigil at her bedside since early in the morning. They said it was time and they promised that the morphine would help to ease her way. We sat all through that long day and into the night and still she hung on. We thought maybe she understood that my brother was on his way and she would wait for him. But minutes after midnight she slipped away. It was April 1st 1989.

My mother’s journey with cancer lasted eleven months and ended twenty- six years ago. And I have never forgotten how we all struggled to cope, each in our own different way.

When I first heard about Sandy Cornell’s vision to open a cancer support centre in our community, I recognized just the sort of place I sought in vain when I so badly needed a place of comfort and hope. I was delighted to help where I could, knowing the difference the Georgian Bay Cancer Support Centre is making in the lives of those living with cancer.

As life would have it, cancer came calling again. I donned my caregiver cap once more, this time knowing just where hope could be found. In another month, we will mark another anniversary. But that’s a story for another day.

Ken and Loretta Forsyth circa 1945

Ken and Loretta Forsyth circa 1945

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