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Canadian Cancer Action Network – August 10, 2015

Connections is distributed to organizations with an active interest in the issues faced by patients across the cancer control continuum in Canada. Please feel free to share this report with colleagues. To be added to our distribution list, please contact info@canceraction.ca.

The following is provided for information purposes only and does not represent any recommendation or endorsement by the Georgian Bay Cancer Support Centre.

What Is Happening in Canada

Why that medical test might not be necessary – The Star

Watermelon found to have delicious health benefits – The Star

How ticks became a major public health issue – Globe and Mail

Canadian health officials warn about outbreak of intestinal illness Cyclospora – Globe and Mail

Ovarian cancer not as fatal as previously thought, study finds – Medical News Today

Toronto can’t match Boston’s free sunscreen program because of red tape – The Star

Labelling on homeopathic products must make clear that they are not vaccines: Health Canada –National Post

What Is Happening Internationally

Cancer survival rates three times higher with early diagnosis – The Guardian

The contraceptive pill protects against womb cancer for decades after you stop taking it – Quartz

Contraceptives May Lower Endometrial Cancer Risk Long-Term – New York Times, Forbes

Women Not Getting Lifesaving Cancer Treatment, Study Finds – NBC

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