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For the Love of Soup

by Judith Clapperton, Volunteer

It’s that time of year when those of us who love soup are in our glory.  There is something about cooler weather and leaves changing colour that makes soup appealing for lunch and dinner.

Tomato soup with basil leafs and sour cream as decorationHow wonderful it is to make delicious soups from scratch using the bounty surrounding us. It’s grand to stumble upon an untried recipe, surprising our family and friends with what might be a new ingredient or unusual flavour, but the old, well-used recipes continue to please.

Members of GBCSC are treated every Thursday to delicious home made soups. Our generous Soup Sisters prepare the soup each week, taking many recipes from Carol Paznar’s “Simply Souper” cookbook (available at the Centre). These ladies understand the comfort a simple bowl of homemade soup can bring to a body and graciously give of their time to make this possible.

We are frequently told that it’s the simple things in life that bring the greatest pleasure. Soup, certainly a simple thing, embodies this statement. Consider the following.

How many times have you entered your house at the end of a trying day and realized you had given no thought to dinner that night? To find a container of homemade soup on your doorstep on such a day is a gift. The friend who left it for you understood you were having a “day” (or week, or month). True, the gesture was a simple one, and yet this one step toward dinner immediately made you sigh with gratitude and feel just a little easier about all that is on your plate.

Small, silent gestures between spouses can say a great deal. A soup spoon and bowl passed from one to another in a restaurant says “I’m enjoying this and I’d like you to share my enjoyment”. Such a simple act; and yet it expresses generosity and an intimacy two people who are together can have.

Indeed, soup is a simple pleasure. And yet, one can see how it can manifest into so much more through the thoughtful ways of others. However large or small they may be, these gestures enhance our lives in a myriad of ways, reminding us of community, family, friendship and love.


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