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Kelly Cadeau #mystoryourcentre #cancersupport

Kelly Cadeau

Kelly’s shows off her Hope tattoo

Kelly Cadeau, 27, co-owner of Active Leisure Lifestyles, was in her last year of University in Sudbury when she discovered a lump in her breast.

“I told my friends I found a lump when I was in the shower,” says Kelly, whose friends urged her to have it checked. “I didn’t think it was anything serious.”

Kelly did follow-up with her doctor. “They did two types of ultrasound, and a mammogram in the same appointment and two days later I went for a biopsy,” she says. “The doctor called me two days before Christmas and asked me when I could come in.” She knew then that she had cancer though the doctor did not confirm it until her appointment on December 27, 2011. “Things just started rolling after that, says Kelly. She had surgery in February and started chemotherapy in April 2012. Despite the cancer interrupting her university schedule, Kelly graduated with a degree in recreation and leisure in 2012. “I finished the year because my professors worked with and supported me,” she says.

Kelly began looking for support during her chemotherapy and found the Georgian Bay Cancer Support Centre. “I came in the summer of 2012 and started attending the yoga program,” she says. “It made me feel not so alone.” While she had the support from her family and friends, especially from her mom who is a nurse, she needed more.

“They have not been through it, and they try and sympathize,” says Kelly. “Being here (at the Centre) they know what it’s like, they can relate.”

Kelly started attending the Soup for the Soul as well, and as she became more involved, she found a way to help others. “I noticed a need for a younger support group, and so I started a young survivors group that meets once a month in the evenings,” she says. “We sit and share what we are going through and we have a monthly activity as well.” She is grateful to have younger people to talk to about their struggles and successes.

Today, Cadeau has a new perspective on life.

“I don’t wait to do things anymore,” she says, smiling. “I always wanted to start my own business, so my friend and I opened a new recreation therapy business for seniors.” She has a strong desire to not only help people through her business, but to also help raise awareness about the Centre. “I want the Centre to grow, to succeed and to have more people know it is here,” says Cadeau. “It is such a great place to be.”


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  1. Kathryn Fisher says:

    We love you Kelly and are so proud of you – a true survivor! xo