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New Programs for 2017


Start Dates


New Member Support Group A facilitated support group for new members with particular focus the needs of those who are newly diagnosed, currently in treatment or recovering from treatment/surgery. Third Tuesday of the month at 11:00 am.

Individual Spiritual Support Our new interfaith spiritual support program is available to everyone – no religion required.  From agnostic to Zen Buddhist, feel free to drop in and chat.  We know our bodies can get tired but the Spirit gets run down too! Second and fourth Mondays from 10:00 am – 12:30 pm.

QiGong (Chi Gong) The gentle, rhythmic movements of Qigong reduce stress, build stamina, increase vitality, and enhance the immune system. This program builds on the movements and activities of the Low Impact Functional Exercise and mindful walking and is held on alternate Wednesdays at 11:00 am.

Yoga for Symptom Relief This program is specific to new members and those who are dealing with the symptoms of cancer, its treatment and recovery and for those who are actively engaged in providing their care. It focuses on breathing and meditation for relaxation and stress relief. This will program will be offered twice per month on the second Monday and fourth Thursday.

Reiki Not new but improved. This relaxing stress-reducer will be offered twice a month. One session will provide 30 minute sessions for up to 6 members, the second session will provide 60 minute sessions for up to 4 members. Priority given to new members.

Comfort Touch Massage Seated therapeutic massage for stress relief and relaxation. Studies have shown that massage therapy can help reduce stress, anxiety, pain, fatigue and depression.

Let’s Paint with Renée Explore your creative side with expressive art through painting. Learn techniques and styles in a relaxed atmosphere. Your inner Picasso is waiting! Offered on alternate Wednesdays at 1:00 pm, starting on January 4th.

Music for Wellbeing This is your opportunity to connect with the healing power of music. Music has the capacity to reach into every human domain – biological, emotional, cognitive, social and spiritual – enhancing our quality of life through stimulation, social interaction and joyous communication. This program is offered twice a month on the second and fourth Mondays at 2:30 pm.


The Healing Journey Level 1  A program of mindfulness-based stress reduction focusing on the inner person living with cancer, The Healing Journey is a practical course providing simple but proven psychological and spirituals tools which promote inner harmony and peace. Level 1: Coping with Cancer Stress begins mid-February. (4 weeks) Wednesday mornings.

Men’s Support Group This facilitated group is open to men living with cancer, whether their own diagnosis or a member of their family. More details to be provided.


Back at Work Support Group This facilitated group is for cancer survivors who have returned to the workplace and deals with issues around survivorship both at home and at work. Day and time TBA.

The Healing Journey Level 2  Level 2: Skills for Healing begins mid-March (8 weeks)

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