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Spreading GBCSC Hope with the Community

©Kelly Moss PhotographyLast Friday the Georgian Bay Cancer Support Centre (GBCSC) launched a campaign to share members inspirational stories with the local community via Facebook and Twitter. This week we will be nominating others to share their cancer stories and how the GBCSC has helped them or a loved one.

The goal of the campaign is to demonstrate the impact the GBCSC has not only on those with cancer, but also on their family and friends. Furthermore, we want to show that support is required long after treatment ends for families impacted by cancer.

As longtime supporters of the Georgian Bay Cancer Support Centre, we encourage you to participate in this online campaign by sharing YOUR story with your network. Why have you chosen to support the GBCSC?  How does the GBCSC help you or a loved one? You can take a photo, video or simply make a post and nominate 3 others to share their story and please use #mystoryourcentre and #cancersupport in your posts.

And remember,  without people like you this Centre simply would not exist.

See here for more details: http://bit.ly/mystoryourcentre

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