GBCSC Wish List

All year long, there is no greater gift that we can give than supporting those in our community that need us.  Some of these gifts cost a little. Some cost a lot. They ALL are felt first-hand by someone nearby.

Gift Idea #1: Sponsor a group Program


Support Group

Our support groups are at the core of what we do. They offer an opportunity to learn to cope, to prioritize self-care, to feel heard, and to be part of a community. Your gift supports the cost of a registered professional and the materials needed to deliver a meaningful group experience once per month.

Peer Support Groups

A cancer diagnosis is life changing and often isolating. Our peer support groups offer individuals fighting their own battle or watching their loved one fight theirs, surround themselves with others who re going through it. They are a chance to connect with others who can truly relate, and to build that network of support that will help  get each other through.

Recreation, Arts, & Wellness Programs

Our recreation programs range from adapted exercise classes to the creative arts. Doing everyday activities with a group of others who has been on the same journey can be transformative. Here, every group has the potential to be a support group. Your gift covers the cost of skilled facilitators and materials.

Gift Idea #2: Access to Treatment


10-Visit Hospital Parking Pass

We believe that when you have cancer, you should be able to focus on getting better, not the COST of getting better. We provide hospital parking passes to those undergoing treatment, at no cost to the individual. Your gift to our GAP fund will provide a hospital parking pass to someone in cancer treatment.

A Drive to the Hospital

Have you stopped to consider the impact of living up to 2 hours away from a treatment centre after a cancer diagnosis? Your gift to our GAP (Gas, Accommodations, Parking) Fund supports the cost of someone’s travel to and from out-of-town treatment appointments.

Gift Idea #3: A feeling of home


A Bowl of Soup

Our Soup for the Soul program is a bi-weekly chance for someone fighting cancer to come by with a their family or friends, learn about what we do, connect with others on their cancer journey, and learn about invaluable resources.  Your monthly donation to our Soup for the Soul program brings dozens of people together for warm soup and a reason to come have a conversation.

Fresh Baked Goodies

Every Monday, some superstar volunteers join us in the kitchen and bake up enough fresh cookies, muffins, and squares, to make a week’s worth of visitors feel right at home when they walk in the door. Your gift towards this initiative helps to ensure the cost of ingredients is always covered and that feeling of home is neve lost.

Kitchen Staples

Don’t you hate not having enough cream for your coffee? It’s a little thing, but to not have to spend that extra little bit each month on things like milk, sugar, or cream sure does help over the course of a year. Your donation to cover this expense lets us afford an extra day of Massage Therapy, or another counselling session, or something else that someone is relying on.

Gift Idea #4: Office Supplies



Pens and binders aren’t the most exciting gifts, but imagine a world without them? A monthly gift to support these costs, or your donation of new or very gently used office supplies helps keep our money flowing to where it matters most – services to support individuals and families fighting cancer. Items we use a lot of include printer paper, 1″ and 1 1/2″ binders, pens, file folders, etc.

Printer Ink

Printer ink is a cost that can add up, but by taking on this cost, you are helping enable the processes that make what we do possible. Your gift is a thank-you note, a treatment schedule, a calendar, or even a funding request that turns into a major donation. Who knew some ink could do so much good?

*We can also accept donations of unused Epson 812 and 812XL ink cartridges


The Mission of the Georgian Bay Cancer Support Centre is to provide emotional, physical, social, spiritual support, education and information as  complement to the medical system for people affected by cancer.



 The Georgian Bay Cancer Support Centre strives to be recognized as a source of support, education and motivation for people living with cancer. their families and caregivers. Our vision is to be recognized throughout North Simcoe and the surrounding communities as a place of hope, comfort, strength and courage.