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    Meet Val

    Val and Dag, her service dog, have been active members since 2014.

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    Meet Laura and Karen

    Laura and her mother Karen are both cancer survivors and are active members who also help other members as peer supporters.

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    Meet Lesley

    Lesley is a survivor and a strong supporter of the Centre. She gives back in many ways, including acting as the Women's Support Group facilitator.

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    Meet Jackie

    Jackie joined the Centre early in her diagnosis with her 12-year old daughter MacKena. Together they have raised nearly $20,000 through their annual Painted Pumpkin fundraiser.

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    Meet Sandy

    Even before she finished treatment, Sandy knew that she was going to start a local cancer support centre where people living with cancer could find help where they live. Six years later, the GBCSC is a thriving local support centre.

    Watch Sandy's story

Meet our Members

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Our members have many stories about how cancer affects their lives. And how cancer support is making a difference for them and their families.

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There are programs every day at the Georgian Bay Cancer Support Centre. Our programs cover support, wellness and exercise, expressive arts, social and education.

We need your help

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The Georgian Bay Cancer Support Centre is solely funded by the generosity of the community it serves. Please consider making a gift today to help friends, family and neighbours in North Simcoe who are living with cancer.


The Georgian Bay Cancer Support Centre is a place of hope and vitality to those living with cancer and their caregivers. Programs are offered free to cancer survivors, their families and immediate caregivers. No medical referral is necessary.Program providers are trained in their skill and understand the varied needs of each member.

Our exercise and wellness programs are designed to reduce stress and support functional fitness through surgery, treatment and recovery.

Participating in expressive arts programs is both relaxing and rewarding. Let go of your inhibitions and realize your inner creative genius.

Support groups can help you cope by providing a safe place to share feelings and challenges and to learn from others who are facing similar situations.

Let our Member Navigator help you connect to important cancer resources.

The Georgian Bay Cancer Support Centre is a proud recipient of funds from the Trillium Foundation.